Monday, 10 June 2013

Little Birds

Apologies for my tardiness in updating regularly, I can offer no excuse aside from Life and the various positive and negative merits it holds. 

The Art- man ( and I seem to have developed a bit of routine all of a sudden, and a creative one at that. We have started working together in companionable silence in our little studio, making use of every bit of daylight. The quiet is wonderful after a busy question filled day and I long for our moments like this. We are, for the first time, working on a ‘wedding project’ at the same time and the same project and it’s so special that we are. Although a bit clich├ęd these days, we’re making 1000 origami cranes to hang around our wedding space when we marry in October. It seems to be quite a popular trend these days but being the ‘half-house or Origami’ it seems all the more fitting. The different papers that we fold all mean something or were chosen on colour alone. Some are our letters to each other, some album covers- even photographs we’ve printed etc. I’ve been given paper as a gift from Japan and some sheets have been rescued from the bargain shelves of art shops. They all mean something; they all have a memory, 1000 memories in fact. It’s our intention to hang the cranes behind our headboard once we’re married; not to remind us of patience, care and love in a marriage but mark a moment in time when we sat together ankles linked folding. 

Special mention to Helen ( for such lovely words and post about a little piece I made recently for the said, H. x