Thursday, 17 January 2013

Planting/Changing bulbs….

Well the ‘Art-man’ and I have moved house. It’s taken longer than we thought (over four months) but we are settled in our ‘haven’ of a house. The beauty of the house is that it has two ready-made spaces that are perfect for studios. We do feel terribly spoilt with this gift of space and creative potential but we’ve promised to work twice as hard on creative pursuits to even out the ‘spoilt’ karma. 

The wait for the property allowed us to dream (endless post-it note designs in work) and imagine what it may be like to produce art works in a new and unfamiliar environment. The longing and recent organising of the space has left, well certainly me, a little shell-shocked….I sat at my desk (what a luxury) last night and like a small child after too many ‘Barley sugars’ I didn’t know what to do first. Creativity, up until now has consisted of piles of paper being shuffled (croupier style) around our ‘bijou’ living space. Projects being lifted and moved from time to time to make room for supper, tea drinking or, more recently form filling. But now….wow wee!

I think I may have posted before that the ‘Art-man’ and I sun-light (as opposed to ‘moon-light’) as Librarians. This work is busy and enquiry led,  meaning two days are never the same but during the Winter months it is frustrating to return home ready to continue on art-work only for it to be too dark to appreciate subtle light nuances. It is refreshing that the evenings are steadily, if not infinitesimally, lightening with the promise of being able to push open the studio doors into the garden soon.

Really looking forward to Spring……..Happy New Year!


  1. Happy new year! I know that feeling all too well and I am well and truly ready for the brighter times to come asap! What a luxury to have your own space to create, I look forward to seeing your creations, I want to see your bouquet, or that a secret until the big day, incidentally when is the big day? xxo

  2. Oh Helen, we must have a creative day soon once all this white stuff has cleared. Big day is in October and I've had a re-think about a few floral elements, look forward to discussing with an expert next time I see her xx