Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Style Inspiration

Do you ever have that craving to have a succinct style icon that you can look to occasionally to inspire? I’d say I search for this inspiration in every magazine I receive (always second hand and months out of date) but nobody cuts it really. You see real ‘icons’ are never quite me too perfect and never really retro enough, certainly vintage but that ‘retro’ edge is as rare as the cockerel’s wife’s dentures.

Inspiration comes from the weirdest of areas my favourite and most enduring being: Tin Tin from ‘Thunderbirds.’  I kid you not, I really can’t find any ‘celebrity I’d rather look like, accept Lady Penelope maybe….but I’ll forever be a brunette. Now I realise that there is an issue with strings and everything but surely most icons come with a certain number of strings attached. The sixties cool combo of hair/make up / Buddhist-super hero cool makes her the woman for me.

The ‘Art-man’ and I aspire to the ‘Modernist’ ideal and if viewed intently enough Tracy Island house is a positive show home, so really he needs a modernist wife to suit. But can I really go into my uber-posh hairdressers with a pic of a puppet?  I doubt it…oh well.  

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