Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tea-ology: one of my other academic downfalls

The ‘Art-man’ and I live in a sea of tea.
We literally have to place our knee into the cupboard of tea tins and boxes before we are able to shut the door. Each: blend, infusion, tea bag is our Bohemian version of an apothecary. Every mood, anxiety and time of day has a relevant prescription of tea which we administer with the precision of MDs on call.
A recent escape to Shropshire resulted in us finding a darling tea room, ‘Rocke Cottage’ ( where we were treated and pampered with the most delicious sandwiches, cakes and not to mention crumpets.
We talked of:

·         The very divinity of butter and how we need to use more of it.
·         How quickly could we find jobs in Shropshire and affect an immediate move.
·         The necessity to return to the ‘Rocke’ (see we’re already abbreviating, after one visit we consider ourselves regulars) in full 1940s regalia/costume.
·         The need for more vintage magazines in our house, especially considering the stories the Art-man’s Mam can regale us with in relation to them.

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