Thursday, 17 November 2011

Domestic (Angel) Delight

On a recent excursion the Art-man and I had in our adoptive city (we are now pseudo-Cestrians don’t you know) we chanced upon a wonderfully kitsch collection of 70/80s food boxes in a shop window display. The exquisite cardboard artefacts were objects of such memory triggers we regaled each other with stories linked to our childhoods etc.
Retro is somewhat of a regimen (pronounced in a faux-American accent) in our house. The Art-man taps into all things 60s whilst I adhere to a never ending love affair with 1940s and middle-war revival philosophies.  We’re lucky in the respect we span different decades of birth as well as interest eras, it makes for killer results in quizzes and the most enthralling of talks.
The boxes coupled with the current Christmas countdown evoked a wonderful memory of a favourite Christmas gift I had as a child: An ‘A la carte kitchen.’ I was lucky enough to receive this toy when I was 4 and it was a favourite for many years. The little boxes that made up the kitchen included: ‘French fancies’ and ‘baked beans’ equally kitsch products, with the most colour soaked graphics/photographs. It’s strange to be met with such a strong memory, to link the ‘4’ year old self with the ‘30’ year old I am now, to identify the pattern in integral likes etc. - ‘something’s never change’
Since the Art-man and I moved we decided to submerge ourselves in our relevant vintage era loves, see previous post, and a little nibble of a ‘French fancy’ is akin to allowing the 4 year old to play house again.

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