Thursday, 5 April 2012

The importance of being Wallis

It’s a fact that I am, have been, surrounded by very strong women.

These women are touchstones for every aspect of my life: home, academic, style, philosophy and love etc. I don’t make this statement as a detriment to the men in my life just I look to these women as beacons to compare my own life with, especially as I start to realise I’m doing alright.

As I’ve mentioned before in this Blog, I’m still searching for a style niche. I’m regarded as being fashion aware and if someone I work with was to describe me they’d say: “funny, glam, stubborn and booky” (I’m not conceited, I just asked a work colleague and that is what he bravely said-from the other side of the desk). However, if I ever have to do something official, important or difficult I have a guise that I don. Black, red lips/nails, pearls and/or bling. This is me, as much as Earl Grey tea, listening to Billie Holiday, scrawly handwriting, over usage of the word ‘lovely’ or love of dusty bookshops. The women I look to and return to for confirmation are pictured above, each unique and terribly glamorous. 
I sometimes sit at my dressing table methodically brushing my hair only to say to the ‘Art man’ if only I looked like Wallis/Blow/Coco. To which he’ll respond: ‘they had money and other people to do things for them’ whilst this is true and I thank the ‘Art man’ for his truth, I still wonder what I can do to rub a little of their magic on me. So I’ve found a compromise….Ms Hepburn.

Simple in her taste and style; kind with her words and loving to her family. Now that’s the role model for me.

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