Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Orig. (ami) sightings:

One of the reasons for this blog was to chronicle my desire to start making modular origami. My love of origami exploded when I was a child and even now, I feel calm whilst I have a small piece of paper between my fingers to fold. In the previous blog I questioned what my identity was, origami is a definite part. A lasting legacy will be she was good with paper….an epitaph me thinks. Or maybe light the touch paper and run….ok enough now.
A sneaky love is looking out for origami pieces captured in the background of films, this makes me squeak with excitement to the point to ‘Art man’ has to cup his ear for fear of deafness.  
But I’d like to link a beautiful piece of animation which makes my point more clearly than I can. The animator Joaquin Baldwin’s film is exquisite in its origami philosophy (the soundtrack ain’t bad either):  

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